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Risk Assessments

Charterfield Consulting provides risk assessments that analyze threats and obstacles to the achievement of corporate objectives, allowing the organization to take appropriate action.  Our risk assessments provide you with the information you need to manage risk:

  • Identifying threats and obstacles that could impede the achievement of objectives
  • Identifying controls that are in place and whether the controls are working
  • Estimating the impacts that could occur if the risks were to materialize
  • Determining the severity of the risks and thus the level and type of attention each merits

The consultants at Charterfield have extensive experience in conducting risk assessments, audits, and process maps for large federal government departments and programs.  The approach used at Charterfield Consulting draws on this experience and on best practices in risk management.  It includes document review, interviews, and workshops to bring precision to the risk environment.  We are in close communication with our clients throughout the risk assessment exercise to validate the information acquired, ensure a relevant product, and present the information in the format that is most useful to management.