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Logic Models

Charterfield Consulting develops logic models that illustrate how the activities of an organization support the desired outcomes.  Logic models link activities to outputs and outputs to outcomes, demonstrating a credible cause and effect relationship that is to scale. Logic models clarify the design strategy of a program, identify outcomes for performance measurement, and communicate a common vision for the program team.  Logic model assignments typically include:

  • A one-page logic model graphically representing a cause and effect relationship between activities, outputs, direct outcomes, intermediate outcomes, and final outcomes. For organizations with social mandates, we can identify the groups they are trying to influence.
  • Clearly documented outcomes that define the targets an organization is aiming to reach.  Performance measurement starts with identifying outcomes to measure, so the logic model provides the foundation for performance measurement.  
  • Supporting text that allows others to clearly interpret each section of the logic model.

The consultants at Charterfield Consulting have extensive experience in developing logic models for large and small government organizations. We work with you to determine your requirements and tailor our approach to suit your organization.