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Decision-Making Frameworks

Charterfield Consulting can help you leverage risk and performance information by integrating them into your strategic and operational planning.  Decision-making frameworks allow you to integrate risk and performance information, corporate priorities, and other factors so that your investment decisions are informed, balanced, and strategic.
Charterfield Consulting takes pride in developing decision-making frameworks that bring enhanced analysis without being onerous to implement.  The decisions made are yours – we simply help you account for all the relevant factors when making these decisions.  We can assist you in integrating information into your decision-making tools, or develop decision and planning tools tailored to your organization.  A decision-making framework provides you with:

  • A weighting tool for a balanced and appropriate integration of risks and performance information into priority-setting and investment decisions
  • Clear, easy-to-use information for decision-making
  • Assurance that the information is comprehensive and balanced