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Performance Measurement

The consultants at Charterfield have developed performance indicators for organizations with very complex mandates.  The consultants have identified indicators to measure what could be perceived as the intangible (changing foreigners’ perceptions about Canada) as well as for more tangible outcomes (remediating contaminated sites).  We have taken organizations through the steps of performance measurement:

  • Developing a logic model to clearly articulate outcomes
  • Designing performance indicators, including detailed descriptions of what the indicators mean
  • Identifying baseline values
  • Developing tracking tools to automate tracking and standardize reporting

At Charterfield Consulting, we understand that performance measurement provides critical information to management.  We also recognize that at times performance information may be difficult or expensive to collect.  In such cases, we develop a performance measurement strategy including the use of proxies as an affordable alternative that retains the value of the performance information for decision-making.