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Funding Applications

Make your project happen with a solid funding application developed by Charterfield.  You have the great idea – let us turn it into a convincing funding application!  With years of experience in funding proposal development, we know how to integrate funder requirements with your project objectives.  We’ll ensure that your application incorporates all of the necessary elements in a concise, persuasive package.
When developing funding proposals, we work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of the project.  We integrate funder requirements with project goals to present a convincing project rationale, and perform a careful cross-check to supply all of the required elements.  Our experience enables us to assist you in accessing the highest level of funding for which you are eligible.  Once the application is complete, we review it with you to ensure its accuracy before it is submitted.
As an added service, Charterfield identifies funding sources for which clients are eligible and provides an analysis of which programs will bring greatest value for level of effort.